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Jake Mactire’s *Twisted,* M/M romance from Dreamspinner Press

Meet author Jake Mactire, and take a look at his summer 2011 release, Twisted. I’m doing things a little differently this week, presenting Jake’s bio and the blurb for Twisted, and immediately following you’ll find the author interview. Check back later this weekend for some entertaining and enticing excerpts. As always, the buy links for Jake’s novels are the cover images—just click for the Dreamspinner Press store. Enjoy the feature, and feel free to leave questions or comments. Thanks for reading!

Despite the celebrity their recent cracking of a cattle rustling ring has brought, Jeff Connelly and his partner, Mike Guidry, are ready to settle down and start the dude ranch they’ve always dreamed of. Following your dreams isn’t always easy, though—between a troubled new ranch hand who propositions Jeff and Mike’s past suddenly confronting him, emotions are already running high.

Then a sadistic serial killer nicknamed the West Coast Cutter starts slicing a trail though Jeff and Mike’s territory. As the body count rises, they begin to suspect that the killer may in fact be someone they know—a suspicion that is only strengthened by a sudden rash of threatening notes addressed to Jeff. Can they escape the West Coast Cutter before the worst happens?

Jake Mactire’s inspiration for his writing is based on some of his experiences in rodeo and travel. He does his best work coming up with storylines when hiking or cross-country skiing. Writing is Jake’s escape from his boring day job. In addition to writing, Jake loves rodeo, the outdoors, and travel. He’s visited over fifty countries, ridden the Trans-Siberian Express, taken a riverboat down the Mekong, and hiked the Inca trail in Peru. Closer to home, Jake enjoys hiking, kayaking, and cross-country skiing. He currently lives in Seattle.

Visit Jake at http://wwww.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001519012715. You can contact him at jake(dot)mactire(at)gmail(dot)com.

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