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Click the link for the complete short story you can read right here on the blog, “Words in the Rain.” This story has previously been published in abridged form (meaning PG-13) in Foliate Oak and e-Muse literary zines. It appears here in its R++ rated style. A quick note—the characters here share some traits with their later counsins, Vasquez and James.

Copyright Loretta Sylvestre (aka Lou Sylvre) 2007

And this story, “Expect the Unexpected”, was published as part of a Don’t Read in the Closest Anthology from the MM Romance Goodreads Group. The title of the anthology was Love’s Landscapes, and the story was prompted by a reader photograph and “letter.” It was free when launched and remains free, though for some reason I don’t fully understand the Amazon listing doesn’t seem to be there anymore! So here’s a link to the PDF right here, with a description of the prompt photo and the reader’s letter. The story is light and fun with a touch of my signature angst, and the ending is, of course, quite a happy one. Enjoy!

Expect the Unexpected

Copyright Loretta Sylvestre (aka Lou Sylvre) 2014. (The PDF is free to download, but not to upload for distribution in any form.)

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  1. This was really wonderful, Lou, and YES! They do deserve a longer story. I’d love to see how their lives together develop. Good job on this short story!

    • Thank you! I am working on giving them a bigger story… wish I could order more time from some catalog! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the read, and appreciate that you took a moment to tell me so!

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