Two short story new releases from Lou Sylvre

Hello! Just checking in to tell you about these January and February releases. Both of these short stories are in the neighborhood of 8000 thousand words (31 pages according to Amazon), available in Kindle ebook only, for the time being. They’re both “remakes” of previous versions, expanded and updated, given sweet covers and made available for 99¢.

This months release came about because I realized that in ten years of publishing MM Romance, I didn’t have a single Valentine’s Day story out there. Kissing the Wizard was a story I’d always thought could be a good V-Day tale, so I set about revising, updating, expanding, and there you have it. I hope you enjoy it!
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When worlds collide a shifter joins a warrior’s mission; anything might happen—even love.
*Valentine’s Day short story, a shifter and a warrior
*A magical romantic comedy (including a hungry dragon)
*Undeniable attraction and sweet romance
*Laugh out loud humor
*A Lou Sylvre happy ending

On Valentine’s Day, a lonely shifter flies over the Okanogan Wilderness looking for adventure, knowing romance is the one thing he’s least likely to find out there. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself blasted from the sky only to land on a strong, handsome, and oddly calm man dressed something like a gladiator.

The renowned warrior Li did not plan to spend his day trying to free his wizard employer from the clutches of a sorceress. Spells collide, and a big black bird falls on his head and turns into a fine and scantily dressed man, but he’s not sure how much help that will be.

Guthrie is fond of saying, “Anything can happen.” He’s convinced that doesn’t mean romance, but is it possible he’s more right than he ever guessed?

What can I say about Charlie Chrysalis. This Nephilim has been one of my favorite characters since I first wrote him, years ago. He deserved a bit more story, a bit more romance than I originally allotted for him. and January, the month of holidays-are-over, new-beginnings, and thank-goodness for many things, seemed a great time to give this earthbound hero some wings. The story is a wild ride, fun and a little angsty—I hope you enjoy it!
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If he succeeds, he gets angel wings. If he fails, he gets unspeakable pain. What if Charlie wants neither?

*Urban fantasy light with a touch of gay romance in a slightly noir short story (with a very happy ending).

*In another Los Angeles, two Nephilim take hell-horses into battle against Angels, risking everything in an effort to give Hell’s lowliest slaves a chance at freedom.

Eventually, every Nephilim must face Choosing Day, and for Charlie Chrysalis, the day has arrived. At Angel Headquarters in Los Angeles, the Angel Sidriel—Charlie’s guardian and also his worst enemy—asks the key question: “Spirit or Flesh?” If he chooses Spirit, Sid will certainly do everything he can to make sure Charlie fails, but he’s made up his mind. His test: solve Region Six Immigration Crimes Case D665. It looks like a piece of cake. But can Charlie bring down Sidriel’s brand of justice upon innocent, unfortunate souls, even if it means he must silence his heart and sacrifice the respect—and possibly love—of the one man he doesn’t want to disappoint?

Thanks for reading, comments welcome, review copies available!

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