Download now… Vasquez Inc 7, A Shot in Darkness

A Shot in Darnkess is now available for download at Amazon and all major retailers. Easiest way to get the link to the store you want is here:

Sadonna at Love Bytes reviews has been reviewing the series, and she’s caught up now to this latest release. 4-1/2 hearts! Here’s a few of her words:

Whew! This one was a nail biter for sure! Just when we think Jackie and Brian might get a break, someone else comes after them. There are still some sexy times for these two and they seem to be getting on a more sure footing with each other, but they do have to deal with a lot of danger again. They of course support each other in every way, and I really enjoyed their time with their family and when they did have the chance to be out of the clutches of some crazy murderous revenge seekers. I have really liked the mystery arc of this series, but I’m hoping that if there is another book, that Jackie and Brian get some quiet time 😉 This committed couple deserves a break 😀 Highly recommended!

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