Cover Reveal! A Shot of J&B

A Shot of J&B

Lou Sylvre’s Vasquez Inc series—the story begins!

Seen here for the first time: the all new cover by Bryan Keller at Changeling Press.

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The story: (This is the first half of the story that was previously published under this title, re-edited and revised, with added material. Part 2, A shot of Fear is coming in November.)

Gay American Dom with a fabulous sub juggles romance and bondage with Scotland Yard police work.

When Brian Harrison met Jackie Vasquez at a Hawaiian wedding, Jackie was sixteen and troubled. Six years later they meet again; Brian’s career at Scotland Yard is budding with promise, while Jackie’s student days at University of Nebraska are rolling toward a strong finish. Magnetic mutual attraction pulls them insistently toward one another, but the ocean separating their lives makes for a simmering romance. When the waiting ends and they get together for a weekend in Denver, Dom Brian and sub Jackie both know they’ve tapped into something scalding hot, and much deeper than sharing an artful session. Shibari, lust, and love are all on the agenda—but for Brian, so is his police career, and a strange series of crimes seems poised to threaten their romance—and maybe their lives.


Jackie knew he struck people as an enigma. In fact, he recognized the trait in himself. How exactly does one explain or categorize a man who’d lived through several nightmares before the age of seventeen, yet counted himself as one of the luckiest people on earth? A young man still, who had experienced things in life beyond the most horrific dreams of some old men? A man who had once been a jumble of confusion and even self-hatred, who now knew himself thoroughly, affirmed himself as the person he was born to be—unaltered at the soul?

Talking with Brian, he saw doubt, worry, and caution give way to interest, perhaps even some sort of admiration. He’d seen the change before, but he’d never met anyone on whom interest looked so becoming. Although Jackie didn’t remember their previous encounter much, he did remember how he felt about Brian afterward, when he’d recovered enough to explore his feelings. Or perhaps, not so much how he’d felt about Brian, but about Brian’s presence. The man stood like a rock in his memory, in silhouette and shadow, but solid and safe and capable, so Jackie had no trouble believing what he’d been told—he’d clung to Brian in the aftermath of terror. Maybe if Luki had been around, Jackie would have turned to his uncle instinctively instead, but Luki’s injury had kept them apart. While he’d been grateful for the others—Sonny and Kaholo and especially his brother Josh—he’d treated Brian as a natural harbor.

Now Jackie saw with a few more years and life experience behind him and judged Brian to be unchanged—still the rock in the tide, but perhaps even stronger, his foothold deeper and more secure.

“So, anyway, Brian,” he said, ending a not uncomfortable lull in the conversation. “I’m looking forward to the ride to airport. I want to hear more about your work, and London, and whatever. But,” he gestured toward the window, “here comes Sonny and Luki and Bear. I’ll get more coffee on.”

He rose, but before he turned toward the kitchen, he faced Brian and leaned forward, kissed his cheek swiftly and softly. He intended to step away, but Brian caught first one of his hands, and then the other, and held them both in one hand.
“Jackie, thank you for that. But what I’d like even more is if you were to kiss me—” Brian lifted the index finger of his free hand and touched his own lips. “—just here. Will you?”

“Yes,” Jackie whispered, and without any conscious decision to do so, added, “Yes, sir.” He leaned forward and touched his open lips to Brian’s, found them soft when he added a bit of pressure, and sent his tongue darting just inside for a taste. They broke the kiss together, but as it ended, Brian sucked and then nipped at Jackie’s bottom lip.

Brian smiled, and after he let go of Jackie’s hand, stroked once over Jackie’s arm and shoulder—a comforting touch, Jackie thought.

“Thank you, Jackie,” Brian said, his eyes sparking with something like mischief. “That was lovely.”

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