On the edge… A sliver of Lou Sylvre’s writer’s life (and a giveaway)

Hello readers! Guess what I’m doing today? I mean other than trying to keep three established cats and one newcomer cat from completely ruining each other’s lives…. If you guessed writing, well, yes. If you guessed trying to get in a spot of promo here and there, yep. If you guessed trying to spruce up the website a little, uh-huh, there’s that. Thinking a lot about Pride Month, too. But through it all I’m doing one other thing.


I’ve heard from a publisher interested in a four book series. I’m thrilled, but I’m waiting for the contract and I’m on edge all the time. My alter-writing-ego, Lou Hoffmann, has submitted the fourth book in a series to another publisher, and I’m waiting for—I hope—acceptance. Goodness knows, waiting is a huge part of an author’s life, and you’d think I would be accustomed to it by now. I guess I am, but I still sit on the edge of my seat and click that email tab way too often to see if I have news.

So, to distract myself, I’ve decided to give something away—an e-book copy, winner’s choice of any of my three published novellas: Yes, a heart rending Vasquez and James novella with a lovely happy ending; Falling Snow on Snow, a little angst, but maybe the snow will cool your summer day, and the HFN is sweet; or Sunset at Pencarrow, a Dreamspinner World of Love story co-authored with Anne Barwell, about a couple of men trying not to fall in love on New Zealand’s North Island (hint: they don’t succeed). A review (while appreciated if the spirit moves) is not required. Use the Rafflecopter entry form below, and make sure you comment here—say something about reading romance—as that’s required. You can tweet about the giveaway to get more chances.

Thanks! See you soon, because I’ve got some great blog tours coming up here on Romance Across the Rainbow (aka sylvre.com), and more in the 2018 Community series, too. I hope you have a glorious summer coming up.

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6 Responses to On the edge… A sliver of Lou Sylvre’s writer’s life (and a giveaway)

  1. Jennifer Shannon

    I have Falling Snow on Snow. Now I just have to read it! I liked the teaser of Yes that you posted.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I’d love to hear your thoughts once you get a chance to read Falling Snow. So far your chances in the giveaway are very good. 🙂

  2. Diane Fair

    I loved ‘A Shot of J&B.’

    5 *’s

    ‘This was such a good book. I loved the characters Jackie and Brian. The Dom is the best kind.. Loving, gentle, generous and pure of heart. As well as human enough to make mistakes.

    The mystery is so well thought out and frightening. I do question how the murder was able to go to another country and be undetected. Still trying to figure out the blood in the shack. I think I know where it’s from but nothing is clearly stated.

    Both M/C’s had wonderful support networks and people to work with.

    I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.’

    Now I’ve got to read all the rest I’ve checked on Goodreads!

    • Thank you, Diane! I’m so glad you enjoyed that book. It is technically out of print for the moment, but one of the things I’m waiting for, mentioned in the blog post, is a contract to republish that book along with three more books in the series. At this point the contract is just waiting on a technicality, so I’m hoping the books will be available in 2019. It is a good question about the good doctor’s ability to travel, but at the time she was under no suspicion. Perhaps I should take a closer look at that for the re-release… I’ll look at that, and the shack, too. Thanks for the feedback and the 5 pretty stars! 🙂

  3. I hope you can relax now and are not still on the edge of your seat. I don’t Tweet, so I’m not worried about the giveaway. Just wanted to let you know we are alive out here and reading all the things! Keep writing and best wishes.

    • Thank you for the wishes! I am less on the edge of my seat, as I’ve heard good things from both publishers, but until those contracts are signed I’ll still be tapping my foot. I will keep the blog updated when that happens. Meanwhile, I’m not good at waiting, but I guess I signed up for it… 🙂 Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I do appreciate it! <3

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