Inkslingers’ NYE dinner buffet–bloghop style! Read, drink, be merry, win prizes!

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Hey everybody, welcome to Inkslingers’ M/M author progressive New Year’s Eve 2014 dinner buffet.

I know, what does slinging ink have to do with cooking, right?

Nothing, but nevertheless, as a group of authors (who write dirty, sexy, queer books) we’re staging this event for the fun of it and for the opportunity of awarding some pretty decent prizes.
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Here’s the way it works:

You can “choose your own dinner adventure” from appetizers, soup, salad, main dish and dessert, but those of you who visit and comment at each and every blog will be entered into a drawing for one of three (3) $35.00 gift cards to the venue of your choice: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks.

Plus, some individual authors might include a private drawing for those people who stop by. (A comment on this post, for instance, earns you a chance to win any Vasquez and James e-book.)

So read, drink and be merry! Happy New Year from all of us, at the M/M Writers’ Buffet!

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Now down to the business of cooking:

My cooking theme these days is simple, light, and tasty, and all the more so for New Year’s Eve, and my soup choice is dead on. This recipe comes from Fitness magazine online, “12 Simple Soup Recipes,” and it’s one of the few recipes I don’t alter at all when cooking. It’s not going to break the bank, require a foot-long shopping list, or keep you busy for hours chopping stirring. And, it uses up the extra can of pumpkin that always seems to remain in my pantry after the holidays! Most importantly: it tastes righteous. (Nomnomnomnom…)

Pumpkin Soup

  • 2 slices of bacon
  • 1 can of pumpkin
  • 3-1/2 c. chicken broth (low sodium works well here, and vegetable broth is a veggie alternative)
  • 1 c. applesauce (the more apple-y the better, and if you feel like working a bit harder chop up a half cup of apple (peeled) and sauté it with your bacon)
  • 2 tsp ginger
  • salt and fresh ground pepper
  • sour cream (the recipe says light, but… I can’t do it)

pumpkin soup from fitness magazine
Putting it together:
Saute the bacon (with apple if desired), drain fat. Add (to the bacon, not the fat, heh)the pumpkin, broth, applesauce, ginger, salt and pepper, bring to boil, simmer for a little while (non-specific, I know). Garnish with sour cream. (Easy-peasy, right?)

I like to have a little sparkling apple cider to complement this, but if you’re a lush… er, person who drinks wine, you might like something light and white, a tad fruity. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you at the next stop. Have a good time, and don’t forget, comment here for a chance at an e-book, and visit all the blogs for the $35 gift card (x3) giveaway.
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54 Responses to Inkslingers’ NYE dinner buffet–bloghop style! Read, drink, be merry, win prizes!

  1. Ardent Ereader

    Hi Lou, love a simple soup recipe, perfect after a busy day at work. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! ardent(dot)ereader(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Jewel

    That sounds delicious! I am seriously hungry now.

  3. Waxapplelover

    I love soup! The pumpkin soup sounds fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. jenf27

    It’s cold and rainy here today – Pumpkin soup sounds perfect right now. Thanks and Happy 2015!

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

    • Lou Sylvre

      Cold and rainy, the story of my western Washington State life! And yeah, good soup works wonders on such a day! I’m glad you came by! Thank you!

  5. Not a fan of pumpkin but it is a easy looking recipe. The soup looks beautiful in the bowl.


    • Lou Sylvre

      Not a fan of pumpkin! Well… okay, Julie. Then you shouldn’t try this recipe, although with the bacon and apple it’s a bit different… Anyway, thanks for visiting and comenting!

  6. Marcine

    Thanks for the recipe. It sounds good.

  7. Antonia

    Thanks for this soup recipe! It sounds delicious. Happy New Year!

  8. Mary M.

    Thank you for the excellent soup recipe, I lift a glass of sparkling apple cider to toast the new year and you!

    emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com

  9. Rain

    This sounds like good winter food. 🙂

  10. Pumpkin pie, cake, cookies and fudge I love, soup not so much. I’m not saying I wouldn’t try it but I doubt I would make it.

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Lou Sylvre

      Ah, yes, I know that feeling. I thought the same about peanut butter soup, until I tasted it at Alice’s Restaurant. 🙂 Thanks for coming by.

  11. Jbst

    I really like pumpkin soup and this recipe is so unique. Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Denise Dechene

    I haven’t had pumpkin soup but my husband makes a butternut squash soup that’s to die for. Especially if you add in the sausage and bacon. Happy New year

    • Lou Sylvre

      Hi Denise! Yes, I’ve had that too, and also a butternut squash ravioli that is really good. If you like a little spice, try replacing the bacon with Cajun Andouille! Nummy!

  13. Sounds like great winter food. Thank you for the recipe!

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  14. I love pumpkin soup!!


  15. That looks pretty good! 😉

  16. Kaytee

    I’ve made this soup and it really works well with the apple and bacon together. Thanks for sharing.

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  18. Amber A.

    Thanks for the recipe. I’m not big on soup or pumpkin, but I’m willing to give anything a try once. And thanks for the chance to win any Vasquez and James e-book

    • kissedbymidnigh

      Amber A. and kissedbymidnigh are the same person. I signed in with livejournal on the other blogs and then realized that you guys prob wouldn’t realize it was the same person. Sry.

  19. Sounds very tasty. I would like to try this one as well. Thanks
    debby236 at gmail dot com and hotmail

  20. Barbra

    YUM! Using vege broth and leaving out the bacon will make this perfect. Thanks. 🙂

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  22. bookjunkie12

    First ingredient bacon…score! Happy 2015

  23. Trix

    I’d bet butternut squash would be good in it, too…


  24. Jen CW

    I love pumpkin and a soup maed from pumpkin would be awesome! Thank you so much for the recipe. I have all the Vasquez and James books already, but wanted to comment since the recipe was so good sounding!

  25. bn100

    Interesting soup

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  26. Heather Rawlins

    Pumpkin soup sounds great, and I even have some waiting to be used. I love Vasquez & James. Happy New Year!

  27. I love soups, and I have so much frozen pumpkin… but the last time I tried to make pumpkin soup, no one but me would eat (drink?) it. I may try something a bit different sometime for a lunch or something maybe.

    tracykitn AT yahoo DOT com

  28. Saruby

    Love pumpkin soup. saruby213ATgmailDOTcom

  29. OMG, this looks easy and delicious! Perfect combination! <3 Thanks!

  30. I never had pumpkin soup so this sounds interesting. Thanks for the recipe.

  31. Tamika

    Hi Lou, thanks for the recipe, looks so simple!


  32. I love a good pumpkin soup, will have to try this one out.

  33. This sounds delicious and so simple.

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  35. Mandy

    This sounds de lush! I might have to try it without the bacon! Thanks for the recipe!

  36. Jillian T

    I love that your recipe doesn’t have too many ingredients!

  37. Juliana

    Looks lovely! Thanks for sharing!
    OceanAkers @

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