The actor without his dreads…

    Remember that actor I said might work in the role of Luki Vasquez if the Vasquez and James books was made into a movie or series? Jason Momoa? Here he is cleaned up, bare-chested, and without dreads. He’s not blue eyed, no scar, not quite tough and cold enough, but I’ll bet he could play the part. After all, he was Conan, and also that ultra-tough horse lord in “Game of Thrones.”


by | December 31, 2012 · 4:46 pm

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  1. Vashtie

    That picture you posted was a very old picture of him. I believe he was 19 years old in that pic, lol. That’s why there’s no scar. You should try checking out a more recent picture.

    • Hello, Vashtie!
      I looked at lots of pictures, and yes he’s young in this one. I was mainly looking for a pic with short-ish hair, no dreads, and no facial hair to speak of. The scar I mentioned is the one on my character’s face. I’m not sure if you saw my previous post, but Mr. Momoa’s name came up in answer to a interview question, what actors might play my main characters. This character, Luki, is a difficult fit!
      Thanks for visiting and for the pointers, and Happy 2013!

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