Halloween Blog Hop–4 days of treats, no tricks, and win a book, too

The Halloween Blog Hop, brought to you by The Blog Hop Spot, is a chance for some grown-up, arm chair trick-or-treating. Click the link above for the list of 200+ participating authors. I’m sure they have all come up with sweet or spicy ways to “treat” their visitors over the four days of the hop (10/26 thru 10/29). I plan to check out more than a few and have a little fun myself.

But first…
Thanks for knocking at my blog door. My treats are going to work like this:

Each of the four days, I’ve added something new to this post, and today is the last day. Because today’s post is late, I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Some of these daily bits are words (some sexy ones included), and some are images. Today’s ‘treat’ posted 10/29 is part of one of my favorite Vasquez and James scenes–Sonny’s marriage proposal, from Delsyn’s Blues For yesterday’s photos, Saturday’s smutty/sweet scene from the next Vasquez and James, Finding Jackie, and for the 10/26 photo, and for the contest stuff scroll down.

“Good Christ and all the saints! That wind came straight from hell!” Still standing braced against the door, [Luki] looked up at Sonny through wet curls falling over his eyes. “Make a run for the house?”

Sonny, who had stepped back out of the rain and who wasn’t having to fight the wind for possession of the door, said calmly, “No. It’s almost a quarter mile! I don’t want to get wet.” Ignoring the shocked look Luki gave him from under curls now dripping down his face as if he was in the shower, he added, “Let’s just sit in the Mustang.”

Accordingly, Luki let the door drive him inward and followed Sonny to the mean yellow machine, which he apparently had just been wrenching on. “Is there something wrong?”


“With the car, I mean.” Sonny gave him his brows-drawn-together confused look as they climbed in, so Luki elaborated. “You know, the tools, the greasy rag, the—oh God, the grease all over your hands. You weren’t planning to be intimate with me or anything, were you?” Sonny burst out into a loud and hearty laugh, which delighted Luki, though he tried to keep that secret behind a cool facade. Almost, he could forget his troubles. No, their troubles. But his fears.

Bringing him back to the more pleasant moment, Sonny stopped laughing long enough to say, “You’re going to be cold. You’re shivering already….”

He’s not supposed to notice stuff like that. Nobody’s supposed to notice stuff like that.

“…And your clothes are soaked; your hair too. We’ll have to get you warmed up.”

“Warmed up?”

“Warmed up. I’ll turn the heater on for starters.” He cranked the engine and it purred, and in no time, the breath of air coming from below the dash turned warm. “And while you’re getting a start on warming up—honey, why don’t you take that wet jacket off? I’ve got a towel too.” He reached a long arm around the back of Luki’s bucket seat and fiddled with something that had a zipper. When he handed Luki the towel, he said, “It’s clean. For your hair, maybe? I’ll go clean my hands up.”

Before he opened the door, Luki, still shivering, quaked, “How?”



“Yeah, you know. Stuff that cleans off the grease. Goop is a brand name.”

“So then you’ll have ‘Goop’ on your hands.” Luki’s shivering had rattled to a stop, his hair no longer dripped, and he felt that he could manage ultra-cool again. Though he questioned the look of his wardrobe at the moment. Still…. “Like I said, I hope you weren’t planning to get intimate with me or anything.”

Sonny laughed again. “Well,” he said, “I wasn’t actually planning on it, but since you keep bringing it up, I guess it might be in the offing?”

“Could happen.”

“Then after the Goop, I’ll go stand right there where the water is running down off the roof, put my hands under the stream, and get the Goop off. ’Kay?”

“’Kay.” Luki had to fight off the urge to laugh at Sonny’s exaggerated tone, waiting until he was out of the car even to smile at him. Also, at the idea of getting intimate in the Mustang. Which didn’t have enough room in the backseat for two German Shepherds, much less two six-foot men. Which had narrow bucket seats in the front and a gear shift dead center between them. And a steering wheel and a wrap-around dash and a low roof. Yep. Unlikely intimacy environment. He thought cigarette, but remembering their earlier… conflict, he shooed the thought quickly away. You’re going to have to do something about that addiction, Luki. Even though that was his own thought, he did his best to ignore it.

When Sonny came back, he went to the trunk first and collected a blanket, which he tossed to Luki before he got back in the Mustang. “It’s pissin’ buckets out there. The whole yard is a mud wallow. If you want, I’ll drive us over to the house—seems stupid, I know, but I don’t want to walk it. I really don’t want to take the Mustang out there, though, because I just cleaned it up and, well, you know.”

“That little Honda?”

Sonny shook his head. “Even if we’d both fit at the same time, it’s not running. Truck’s out of the question too. You have to pop the clutch to start it.”

Luki nodded sagely. What the hell is “pop the clutch”? Sounds like porn. Such thoughts played havoc with the sage look, so he spoke up to change the subject. “So, how long will this last?”

“Could be minutes, could be days.”


There went Sonny’s wonderful laugh, bubbling again. “Well, not days. Hours, max.”

“I like it when you bubble, Sonny. Are you cold?”

“I’m going to ignore the bubbling comment—I hope it doesn’t mean you’re getting a fever. In answer to the meaningful question, yes, a little bit. Here, let’s spread out this blanket. Between that and the heater, we ought to be warm and dry in no time.”

“Just in time for us to fight the bluster and mud to get back to the house, for instance.”

“I’m turning the engine off. I smell exhaust. I love that you always have a positive attitude.”

“Just comes naturally. So weren’t you formulating plans for small-space intimacy? Kind of like gardening in pots?”

“I can think of some things that might sprout. Maybe even bloom.”

“That sounds so crude.”

“I agree, but before we get crude, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you—”

“Ask away. No time like the present.” What the hell has gotten hold of me. It’s like I’ve got two modes—smoking and stupid.

“Yes,” Sonny continued, “I’m trying to. Umm… why—”

“Do I keep smoking even though it’s stupid?”

Sonny took an exaggerated breath and blew it out. “No, no, that’s a very good question but—”

“You’re right. I’m quitting, Sonny, for real.”

“Good! But, damn it, that’s not what I was going to ask….” Suddenly wide-eyed, he turned and leaned to get a good look at Luki’s face. “Hey, maybe you really are getting a fever.” He put a hand on Luki’s forehead.

“Maybe. Doesn’t matter.”

“Matters to me.”

“Yes, if you’ll let me ask!”

“Ask away.”

“You are lucky I want to ask this so badly, or I’d be out of here.”

That sounded ominous to Luki. He didn’t know why it should, but he thought a lot more might be riding on that statement than a little half-serious afternoon spat. His head hurt, and he’d started shivering again. Maybe that made it seem more important. Maybe he did have a fever. Whatever.

“Marry me.”

“Luki, will you marry me?”


For the contest, answer one of these questions:

  • For you, what is the scariest kind of monster in the movies?
  • What is your favorite Halloween sweet?
  • In books what kind of evil (human) criminal is the most frightening?
  • If you could trick or treat with anyone in the world who would it be?

(Note, each question you answer is one entry, so you can enter up to four times.)

What can you win? Choose an ebook of any one of the Vasquez and James series books available at Dreamspinner Press.

What if you’ve read them all? When Finding Jackie, the sequel to Delsyn’s Blues, comes out in May or June 2013, I’ll reserve you a copy of that. That’s a long wait… So, email me at lou(dot)sylvre(at)gmail(dot)com. We’ll talk about it!

Here’s the visual treat posted 10/26


They walked back to the hotel after their business and pleasure at the market was done, and Sonny sighed.

Luki said, “What?”

“Nothing,” Sonny said, sounding like a martyr. “It’s just… interesting wallpaper.”

“Baby,” Luki said, not understanding at all but willing to go to any lengths to please his man, “If you hate it—”

“No, no, I don’t. I mean, it’s not bad—it’s probably even good, I just need to get used to it. The colors in here are gorgeous, truthfully. And you know what?”

Luki’s eyes followed his husband, who paced from side to side, peaked around curtains and walls, opened doors. He made a sound something like “Mm,” knowing Sonny wasn’t really looking for a response, but would appreciate knowing Luki was paying attention. He also smiled. Something about the quirky way Sonny settled himself into a space was too sweet for words.

“You know what I need to do, honey?”

Luki noted with glee that Sonny had begun to strip. This time when he said, “Mm,” he didn’t have to feign interest.

“I need to get in that bathtub—do you see that thing? It’s like a swimming pool. I need to get in there and soak, all nice and relaxed, and take in that wallpaper until it seems normal to me.”

The man is fucking crazy, Luki thought, both disappointed and surprised. Sonny was already in the bathroom, fine-tuning the water temperature at this juncture. Luki put his hands in his pockets—not a characteristic posture at all, but he was at a loss. He literally jumped when Sonny whooped, and yelled.

“Yes! There’s bubble bath in here!”

Luki was so nonplussed by this time that he sat down on the couch, rather hard. When he tried to think of something he might be doing the only two things that came to mind were jerking off—which he dismissed immediately—and eating a hamburger. He considered the hamburger carefully, decided against, and got up to wander into the strangely wall-papered, thoroughly lavender scented bathroom.

“This is a big tub, Luki.”

Luki stepped closer to Sonny so he could push a long strand of dark hair off his chest, letting it join it’s fellows falling down Sonny’s back.

Sonny grabbed Luki’s belt at the buckle, made as if to undo it. “Get in, Luki. There’s room. Look.” He lifted a foot out of the water. “See, my feet don’t even reach all the way to the other side. Not crowded at all.”

Luki stood silent, chewing his lip. He wasn’t one for shower play, which Sonny knew. It just reminded him too much of lonelier days. He never took baths—especially bubble baths. And, he really, really didn’t want to smell like flowers. But he loved his husband so much, and there the man was, asking for this simple little thing.

“Luki, take a bath with me. Come on.”

Luki started to strip, tossing his clothes back out onto the chair in the bedroom. He was, of course, hard by the time he was naked, which was something Sonny certainly didn’t fail to notice, even though he said nothing. Luki stood there, feeling confused, never before having realized that deciding how to get into a bathtub and situate oneself was so difficult.

“Luki, you can just sit on that side, face me, so I can look at your eyes and we can talk. Okay? That way you won’t feel so awkward.”

“I’m pretty sure there’s something in that statement I should scold you for, Sonny Bly, I just haven’t figured out what it is.” Luki said that while climbing in and turning around and sitting down as instructed. But once he settled, his hands found Sonny’s legs, and he couldn’t help but rub them. And then Sonny found his foot, and as Sonny well knew, Luki’s toes were really sensitive. And Sonny played with them. All the while they looked each other in the eyes.

“Luki,” Sonny said, finally, “you don’t play in the shower.”

“No. What’s your point?”

For answer, Sonny took Luki’s foot and laid it along his own erection, which was one of the sexiest things that had ever happened to Luki. Then Sonny took his size a-very-large-number foot, with its long, nearly prehensile toes, and not too gently stroked it up and down Luki’s cock, and Luki spent a few seconds catching his breath.

“This isn’t a shower,” Sonny said.

Luki nodded. “Right.”

Sonny let a little water out, added some hot to adjust the temperature. “We could fuck here, if we so desired, which I do.” Sonny actually looked hopeful, as if he was a little afraid Luki would say no, or maybe scoff.

Luki wasn’t about to do either one. Sonny was the most beautiful, lovable, eminently fuckable person on the planet, and Luki wasn’t about to fail him. As he’d explained to Sonny just the other day, fucking Sonny happy was his personal joy. He licked his lips. “Come here, baby.”

Sonny more or less slithered up Luki’s body, dragging his weight over Luki’s flesh until he’d brought his lips even with Luki’s. He stopped, offering his slightly open lips, but waiting for Luki to take them. Luki did, starting with a suck and nibble of Sonny’s lower lip, then licking with just the hard tip of his tongue along the underside of Sonny’s upper lip. He kept it up, nibbling, sucking, licking, lingering at the sensitive corners. Sonny made a move to kiss back, but Luki pulled away, and answered Sonny’s widened eyes by kissing them. He smiled, biting his own lip, made sure Sonny saw the expression, then whispered in his ear. “Just let me do whatever I want to you baby, okay? It’ll be good, I promise, and when I want you to kiss me back, I’ll tell you. Okay?”

“Oh!” Sonny’s breath puffed out, then he nodded. “Okay,” he said. “Yes, Luki. Okay.”

The water, hot and ever so slightly silky from the bubble bath, made touching—running his hands along Sonny’s back, over his ass, down his legs—a little bit different than touching had ever been before, for Luki. And by different he meant, damn, that’s nice! And Sonny, who was never, ever still unless specifically instructed, kept squirming and rocking, moving his body side to side over Luki’s. And the water lifted him just a little bit so Luki felt little weight on him, only a teasingly sweet, achingly light friction.

He pulled his lover tight against his chest. “Sonny, baby, you are so damn sweet!”

Sonny was not very coherent. “Mmm, mm…ooooh! Luki!”

Luki chuckled. He couldn’t help it. Then he took hold of Sonny’s forelock and tilted his head back until he was sure he had Sonny’s eyes, and he said, “Stick out your tongue.”
Sonny did so, a little, and said, “Aauuh?”

Luki smiled. “More.”

When Sonny obeyed, he said, “Yeah, like that.” Then he laid his own tongue alongside it, teased it, licking at its tip, and finally closed his lips around it and sucked it into his mouth, meanwhile invading Sonny’s mouth with his own tongue, and touching every part of Sonny he could reach with any limb, and rocking Sonny over him, cock to cock, chest to chest. At some point he said, “Okay, kiss me back, Sonny.” Finally, after a long interval of bliss, or else torture, Luki asked the question he almost always asked when they made love. “What do you want, baby?”

Unlike his earlier efforts at speech, Sonny answered clear and concise. “Fuck me.” Then he buried his face in Luki’s neck, where he commenced licking, sucking, and yes, even biting.

Luki gasped at the sensations that weren’t quite tickle, weren’t quite pain, “So you’re serious, you want to fuck here? In the bath?”


“Turn over baby, and turn around; get up on your knees. I want your ass right here, up close and personal.”

Sonny blushed, but he wasn’t embarrassed much. He had no time or energy, or room for feeling anything else but desire. Or lust. And love. For Luki. So he did just as directed. Put his knees outside Luki’s and arched his back so that his ass cheeks would be high and open and not more than six inches from Luki’s face. He heard Luki gasp, felt his breath rush out and skim over the wet skin of his ass and balls. Luki took hold of hips and pulled him back, and the next thing he felt was Luki’s slick, talented tongue snaking up from the base of his cock, tugging at his balls, sliding up his perineum and stopping, pushing at his hole. Luki played for a while, and Sonny heard himself once again making noises no one could decipher. But he was pretty sure Luki knew what they meant, because every now and then he stopped, light stubble on his cheek or chin still scratching so sweetly on Sonny’s ass, and say, “yeah, baby,” or “it’s okay,” or “sweet, Sonny, so sweet.”

And every time he heard those things in Luki’s scratchy voice Sonny groaned with pleasure, with something very like fulfillment.

But after a while he simply couldn’t wait. He needed Luki inside him, felt like he needed it the way he once needed dope—like he’d be sick damn near to death if he didn’t have it. “Please,” he said.


“Please, Luki.”

“You want me inside you, baby?” His fingers were at work, already. Luki had rummaged quickly through the small bottles on the shelf beside the bath, opened one and let the cool contents run down Sonny’s crack, all over Luki’s fingers. Now he had a finger in, and it burned a little even though Sonny had felt like he was so wide open he could handle Luki’s swollen cock without preamble. Sonny was once again glad Luki was in charge. Luki always took good care of him.

“What is that, Luki?”

“The label says it’s olive oil, Sweetie. Just scented olive oil. Okay?”

Sonny grunted an answer, and now two fingers, fucking in and out. Luki’s long middle finger nudged Sonny’s prostate, but only once, twice. Teasing. Luki leaving it for later, the best for last, Sonny thought. “Please,” Sonny said again.

“Please what, baby?” Three fingers.
Oh, Sonny thought, my god. Then he thought, Oh Luki. And for him the two thoughts were the same. “Please fuck me. Please!”

“Yes, baby. Well, I can’t really.”

“Sonny, take it easy. I didn’t say we couldn’t fuck. It’s just you’re going to have to ride me, okay? I can’t figure out how else to arrange our big ol’ man-bodies in here. It’s a big tub, but not quite big enough, I don’t think. Okay? Whenever you’re ready, just sit here in my lap, sweetie.” Sonny did, wasting no time, changing his angle to come down on the hard, thick erection Luki was holding up for him. He slid down over his lover like a glove, and he heard Luki sigh. He started to move—small movements, contained, so as not to create a storm in the bathwater, but it didn’t matter. Once Luki was in there deep, Sonny knew right where he wanted to put things. As usual, his excitement built until he started to lose control of his muscles. He said, “Oh!” And he must have sounded mournful—he felt that way, afraid he was going to lose what he’d worked so hard and sweetly to build. “Oh!”

“Alright baby, I’ve got you.” Luki wrapped his arms tight around Sonny’s chest and helped, lifting him and bringing him down in short, hard strokes against his body. The even rhythm he held them to started the water rocking and the waves played over their skin, soothing and stroking like warm, wet hands. Now, every time Luki pulled Sonny down to sheath his cock, sure of his aim, he tapped against Sonny’s hidden gland. And their testes touched and slid together, the most insistent tickle. Sonny knew Luki had to be close to his own orgasm, but his strength never flagged, and Sonny didn’t worry—he knew Luki would hold on, determined to give Sonny what he needed, and that realization put what Luki had said about orgasms in a new light. For just a few seconds Sonny thought about how he was the luckiest, most protected, cherished, loved man in the world.

Then he moved his hand to his own slick, hard penis and began to stroke, rougher than usual, but with the water and steam it felt right, felt necessary. He squeezed precum into his cupped fingers, brought them to his mouth and sucked them in.

“Oh,” Luki breathed. “Oh, Sonny, you know damn well what that does to me. You’re so God damn beautiful. Sweet man. Sweet, sweet man.”

Sonny whispered, “Luki.” Then he came.

The orgasm lasted several seconds or forever, and just as it started to subside, he felt and heard Luki explode inside him, and as embarrassing as it would have been at any other time with any other man, Sonny felt tears roll down his cheeks, and he didn’t try to stop them.

Fucking Luki in the bath had been good, better, more than beautiful.

Getting out of the tub, not so much.


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28 Responses to Halloween Blog Hop–4 days of treats, no tricks, and win a book, too

  1. The scariest monster in movies is the type you can’t see and can’t fight. For example, the Paranormal Activity spook (first one is scariest).

    My favorite Halloween Sweet is candy corn, because it’s the only time of year I eat it, and I’ve been known to eat so much of it in one sitting I have actually done the kid thing parents warn you about: given myself a tummy ache!

    Frightening human criminal is probably a rapist. At least a murderer just inflicts pain, but a rapist breaks your spirit too.

    Trick or treat with anyone? Real world, I’d say Joss Whedon, because he’s creative and would either be something scary or funny 😀 Fictional, I’d choose a werewolf or were- of some kind. Give people a good scare, then make them smile by bein’ all cute and stuff 😛

    Buffy Kennedy

    • Great answers Buffy! I’m personally glad candy corn is only around at Halloween, for the most part. I’ve loved it since I was a kid, but it’s pure sugar, and the texture and color or someting makes it hard to stop eating once I start! So we have that in common, and you have your name in the drawing four times. Thanks!


  2. Hi Lou!
    Lovely pic, btw 🙂

    Scariest monster? Has to be the non-shambling zombie (think 28 Day Later.) Nothing like a mindless cannibalistic monster who moves damn FAST.

    Favorite Halloween sweet? I don’t really like candy corn but I love the pumpkins that often come in the bag. Yeah. Go figure.

    Human criminal…evil humans are the most frightening when they believe they are doing what’s right. Cleansing the world of X or Y *shudder*

    Trick or Treat partner? Can I take Sonny? Between us, the running snark would be hilarious 😀

    • Hi Angel!
      Yes, oh, horrid, horrid zombies! I actually didn’t see 28 days later, but just hearing my daughter tell me about was more than enough. Yes, I see your point about the human monster that believes they are ridding the world of evil. Sadly, there have been many of them, often called king or queen, head-of-state, or some type of holy man. And yes! Please do take Sonny ;). I don’t mind, and I think Luki will be okay with it since you’re female. He may want to walk along behind, however, just to make sure there are no problems… Your names in the hat 4 times–thank you!


  3. Definitely going with zombies for scariest monsters. They are also the grossest.

    My favorite Halloween sweets are Reese’s Pumpkins. They are just better than Reese’s cups… I don’t know why.

    Serial killers tend to scare the crap out of me, as far as evil criminals go.

    As for who I would go trick-or-treating with… in a perfect world I would take someone that hates chocolate so I don’t have to share, but since that probably isn’t possible… Robert Downey Jr… but only if he dressed in the Iron Man suit.

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

    • Hi JYL!
      Yes, zombies are gross. Totally. Rottting flesh? Yuck!
      I love your idea about the personl who hates chocolate. And you know, I htink if you looked hard enough (maybe advertised?) you could find someone allergic to chocolate! Now wouldn’t that be nice. Then you can eat all the Reese’s pumpkins yourself. Excellent thinking.
      Thanks for playing, and you’re in the drawing four times!

  4. Trix

    1) Gore really upsets me, so anything gruesome would be my choice–graphically rotting zombies, most likely.

    2) I love bittersweet chocolate, though at Halloween I’ll go retro and sneak a Milky Way Dark or a 100 Grand.

    3) Anyone who would willingly inflict harm (physical or mental) on a child scares me most.

    4) I’m so hockey deprived (stupid NHL lockout)…I think I’d like to trick-or-treat with former San Jose Sharks/current Minnesota Wild guys Torrey Mitchell and Devin Setoguchi. They’re best friends, and it’d be cute to watch them riff off each other. Either that or some old-school Muppet monsters. Or both, in an ideal fantasy world!

    This was fun!

  5. Trix, you’re going to laugh, but I thought you meant Al (Gore). Then I came to my senses! And truthfully, I agree. I want nothing to do with Sigourney Weaver in Alien, or District 9. And similar chocolate tastes, too. The 7-11 had NO dark chocolate on Friday. WTH? Hockey players! Good idea, and of course there’s no monster like a muppet monster. As you can tell, I love your answers and am glad you played. Thanks! Your in the hat four times, for the drawing!

  6. For you, what is the scariest kind of monster in the movies? Clowns. Hands down, clowns. Damn Stephen King!

    What is your favorite Halloween sweet? Candied apples.

    In books what kind of evil (human) criminal is the most frightening? Someone who knows they are evil like Hannibal Lector.

    If you could trick or treat with anyone in the world who would it be? Bruce Springsteen.

    Loved this!

    • LOL, H.L. I shouldn’t laugh, but you’re so right. “It” should never have been. My youngest daughter would agree. Caramel apples! With nuts? Hannibal Lector is truly scary. Anthony Hopkins did such a fine job with role! And yeah, The Boss. Excellent choice! Thank you for playing, and all four entries are in the hat for the contest!

  7. Beth

    1) I think that scariest monsters in the movies are vampires. That being said the movies have also ruined vampires…Twilight! But in the old school movies Dracula and all of his vampire friends were awesome!

    2)Chocolate. I am pretty much a fan of anything chocolate but if I have to pick just one I would say Kit Kats.

    3) Psychopaths. People with no emotions are just creepy.

    4) Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl winning, MVP quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. He is not very scary, but as a Packer fan I don’t have the heart to pick anyone else.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Beth, it is truly too bad what Twilight did to vampires. They’re still scary, but it’s not the same. When I was a teenager my mom and I used tto watch the very old (talkie) movies, and then the ones wih Bela Lugosi. The special effects aren’t there, but I still think they’re scary. Oooh, you’re trick-or-treating with Aaron Rodgers. Who needs scary when you’ve got your star player along, right? All four answers get you chances in the drawing, and thank you much for playing!


  8. Scariest movie monsters – Vampires. The very idea of an undead being freaks me out.
    Favorite Halloween candy – Pixie Stix. Who doesn’t love candy dust?
    Scary humans – Sociopaths. They are described on the news as the nice guy that lived on the corner or shared cubicle space.
    I would go tricking with Sue Sylvester.

  9. Hi Vallory,
    Pixie Stix! Yum. I accidentally snorted one once, though.
    Sociopaths, people who have failed to develop empathy in childhood, are certainly frightening! And some can be so perfectly charming when it suits their purpose. And you’re right, Ted Bundy falls in the category. Some speculate Adolf Hitler may have, as well. Yeah, scary, because you don’t even know you’re dealing with a monster!
    Trick or treat with Sue Sylvester, of Glee, right? Fun idea.
    Thanks for playing, you’ve got your four chances. Good luck!


  10. sherry1969

    The scariest monsters would have to be zombies. The idea of something eating my brain is pretty icky.
    My favorite Halloween candy is Mary Jane Peanut butter kisses.
    Serial killers/rapists scare me to death.
    I would love to go trick or treating with Adrian Paul.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  11. yganoe

    Scariest monsters….Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining…
    Halloween Candy…nut covered caramel apples…
    Psychopaths….completely bonkers…
    Trick or Treatsers…Cecil from Lynn Hagen’s Mavericks Mate.

    • Hi Yvette! Old Jack made quite an impression on me in the Shining. So much so that even though it’s a great movie I’ve never been able to make myself watch it again. And really, that character fits the psychopath category rather well! Wow, I didn’t know about Maverick’s Mate/Brac’s Pack. Sounds intriguing! Okay, you’re in the contest x 4 for your 4 answers. Thanks!

  12. Scariest Monster: Freddy Kruger
    Halloween Sweet: Snicker Bars
    Evil Criminal: Anyone who goes around Killing innocents
    Trick or Treating With: The Charlie Brown Gang! I love Charlie Brown! 😀
    Thanks for letting us Hop with You!


  13. Hi Rush! I don’t even want to think about Freddy Kruger, but I’ll fiight you for the Snickers. I think the Charlie Brown Gang would be so fun! Thank you much for stopping by on your hop. I’ve got your name in the hat 4 times.


  14. O.k. Scariest Kind of monster, is the kind that could be real or are based on reality. Ya, those kind will give me nightmares.
    Favorite Halloween candy: Carmel and chocolate dipped apples, got to have both on one apple 🙂
    Human Criminal: Psychopath, The one that doesn’t need a reason to be evil and cruel.
    Trick or treat: Johnny Depp – Not only would the costume be awesome, but I think he’d be a fun date.

    • Tawnycat, Caramel and chocolate on one apple! I’ve never had that but it does sound good, for sure.I can imagine no sweeter treat than trick-or-treating with Johnny Depp, at least as I imagine he would be. Fun answers, and qualifying you for the four chances. Thanks for playing. Hope you’re having fun hopping blogs!


  15. Syllva

    The scariest monsters for me are the realistic ones..like people that have gone insane. SO along with that, I like the psychological thrillers the most.


    • Insanity is really scary, Syllva, I agree, when it’s the violent kind. The person is not even living in the same world as the rest of this, how can you deal with them. Psychothrillers like Johnny Depp playing Mort Rainey in The Secret Window? I mean, what’s scarier than a psychotic author? Or Jack Nicholson in The Shining, or Kathy Bates in Misery. Yeah, shivers.Thanks for playing and you’re name is in the hat a couple times!


  16. chickie434

    The scariest kind of monster is the one you never see coming.
    My fave sweet is Reese’s.
    The insane, psychopathic human criminal that kills for no reason whatsoever is the most frightening.
    I would go trick or treating with whomever came up with the idea to trick or treat.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  17. Hi Chickie! That’s a good answer about the monster you never see coming. I’d love examptles, as I’m drawing a blank. Killing for no reason–Hannibal Lechter? Also, like the open mind on the trick-or-treating partner! You have four entries in the drawing. Thanks for playing!


  18. Shadow

    Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! 🙂

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