Need some hard questions! Will you help me find them?

Yes is coming, as you know, and I’ve made no secret of the subject matter. Cancer. Luki has it, and he and Sonny have to figure out how to live with it, and love through it. A tough assigment.

On Thursday and Friday, July 19th and 20th, I will make a blog tour visiting a few of the characters in Yes on short a blog tour of sorts. I plan a mini-interview with each. Here are the four characters I want to talk to:

Luki Vasquez (the badass, the star as usual)
Sonny James (Luki’s lover, the artist, the reason the star shines, metaphorically speaking)
Kaholo (Luki’s sweet and dependable uncle)
Ruthie (the wife of Luki’s nephew, and more importantly the mother of a very important infant)

What should I ask? I don’t want to cause any one of these characters more pain or sorrow, but… well, maybe there are some things we want to know.

If you have a question for a character, leave a comment, or email me at lou(dot)sylvre(at)gmail(dot)com.



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8 Responses to Need some hard questions! Will you help me find them?

  1. What? omg… Lou…stop breaking my heart!

  2. I would ask Sonny… what inspires you in your art and what are you working on right now??

  3. Treasure

    For Luki and Sonny

    What were your coping strategies for the day’s Luki had chemo?

  4. Sparkle!

    Goodness me! A whole new wave of emotions will be dealt with with you taking on such an issue. I am curious, though, of the many sicknesses one can develop, why cancer? Is there some significance to you as the author, or a more deeper meaning that you’re symbolically tackling? Looking forward to reading the new book!

    • Thank you for the question, Sparkle! It’s a very good one and Luki can answer it, and I will have him do so tomorrow. Check back at the links listed in the blog post for the “character interviews,” okay? There is a contest involved, too…

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