4th of July blog hop!!! (It’s a contest…)

Fireworks. I love them. And I hate them. But still if I had to say what I like best about July 4th, apart from the day off from the day job, it would be fireworks–the big ones. Of course there’s more than one kind of fireworks, and not all of them happen in public. For instance, just a bit down the page I’m going offer some private Luki and Sonny fireworks, just a snippet, from Delsyn’s Blues. First, though, let me tell you about the contest:

What do you like best about July 4th? What’s your favorite kind of fireworks? (First question is mostly for Americans, but hey, you can like fireworks anywhere in the world.) That’s the contest. Your answer puts you in the running for a Vasquez and James ebook of your choice.

So here are Vasquez and James, making their own fireworks:

Luki kissed him, slow and sweet, and moved his lips to Sonny’s ear. “You’re so perfect, Sonny Bly James. So perfect. What would the world be like without you?” As he pulled his lips away, rose up on his arms and began to pick up his rhythm once again, he blew across Sonny’s face and neck, creating a draft that cooled him but at the same time made him harder, took him closer. In just a moment, Sonny saw Luki’s eyes blur with a need for climax he could no longer put off. He leaned down again, kissing Sonny hard, pushing harder. Shifting a little to one side, he began to stroke Sonny’s waiting erection with a strong, practiced hand, matching the slide of his prick in and out of Sonny’s ass, two strokes to one.
“Luki, please,” Sonny said, wanting, needing to put his hands on his own erection and beat his own rhythm the way no one else could, not even Luki. Luki knew—knew what Sonny liked.

“Come on, baby,” he said, letting his hand take the place of Sonny’s to hold his leg. “You do it. You stroke it, and I’ll fuck you, and you can give me one more orgasm. And I want one too. I need it. Work with me, sweetie.”

And Sonny did. His vision fell back to a distance, and nothing in the world existed except his penis and his ass and Luki’s eyes shuttling him through an ocean of pleasure. And when he came, everything inside clenched around Luki’s hard cock, sucking it even farther in, and his hand felt the cum pulse through the shaft of his penis, forcing its way out to spill through his fingers.

Luki kept sliding against him, smearing cum between them, driving his hard shaft in fast, matching Sonny’s heartbeat, both of their heartbeats.

Sonny’s moan became Luki’s name

“Yes,” Luki gasped. “Yes! Oh God, Sonny!” And then Luki was all but screaming too. He rose up on his knees, rearing back, lifting Sonny to drive hard three last times into Sonny’s still-pulsing ass. Both of them went silent in pleasure so deep it left no room for sound or sight or movement.

It was over. Just in time, because in another second, Sonny was sure, his heart would have exploded. Or his ass—he wasn’t sure which. Luki had collapsed next to him, breathing like he hadn’t had enough oxygen for the last month. Exhausted, Luki still held Sonny, draped an arm across his shoulder. He lay on his side and Sonny turned to face him. As they both began to breathe easier, he bent his head to Luki’s chest. Luki stroked his hair and kissed it, so sweet and soft and loving. He turned away briefly and brought back from the night table a glass of cool water. He helped Sonny rise up to drink, and then cooled his own throat. The damp towel he dragged over Sonny’s skin felt cool and wiped away the stickiness, and after he did the same for himself, he lay back down and drew Sonny a little closer.

“Good, baby?”

“Jeez, Luki,” Sonny answered, his voice hoarse, “if ever there was a stupid question, that’s it.”

Luki chuckled, and it sounded like deep water to Sonny, with his head pressed against Luki’s broad chest—a place that felt always like home to him.

Sonny said, very softly, “Yeah, Luki. It was good. It still is.”

A little aside on the subject of Amereican independence from British rule (and taxation): Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was, you might say, the founder of the American army at the time of the revolution. Before him, things weren’t looking so good. He trained up the troops and and organized, and turned it into a real army. And he was gay, so things appear. In fact, he narrowly escaped prosecution in pre-revolutionary France. Interestingly, just a few years later after their revolution, France was one of the few countries to decriminalize same-sex love. The Washington Blade online


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13 Responses to 4th of July blog hop!!! (It’s a contest…)

  1. Nancy S

    I like the fireworks, the bigger, louder, more colorful the better.

  2. Juliana, I almost missed your comment. Not sure how, but I’m glad I did eventually see it. You know that’s an interesting thing, about restrictions. I definitely understand why they have them, and I don’t mind. But I’m in the rainiest part of the Pacific Northwest, July is usually pretty much like early spring would be elsewhere (okay, not always). Even so, consumer fireworks are quite restricted in most cities. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and answering the question. Your name is in the pool for the drawing, and meanwhile have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for that very hot excerpt! 😀

    We usually end up having a contest with the neighbors to see who has the biggest, brightest, and loudest fireworks display (dueling fireworks). 🙂

    Have a safe and happy 4th!

    Lisa H.

  4. Non-American here. I love those “cake” fireworks where there’s a big box on the ground that spurts out sparks after sparks of fireworks. The white ones are the prettiest.

    eripike at gmail dot com

    • Erica, hi. I think I know the ones you mean, and yes, quite beautiful. That’s one thing about fireworks is they’re hard not to watch, light and color and motion. Love it. Thanks for coming and playing and you are, of course, entered!

  5. foretta

    Thanks so much! I love watching the fireworks with the kids! They get so excited!!!
    my fav fireworks are the ones where there are a lot of them at one time… colorful


    • Kids make fireworks even more fun, I agree Foretta. And it is definitely beautiful to see a whole cluster of colors sparking at once. I’m glad you stopped by and played the game. I’ve put your name in the hat for the prize!

  6. StacieD

    The food is my favorite part of the Fourth of July. I’m making BBQ ribs! I don’t usually like the fireworks. They scare my dog. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Food! I love that thought, Stacie. Pulled pork, corn on the cob, apple pie, etc. Love it! You are in the running for the free ebook. Thanks for reading and playing! Have a great holiday.

  7. Penumbra

    I like the fireworks the best, but it’s too much of a hassle to go see them, so I just watch them on TV. I don’t know what the different kinds are called, but I like the silver fireworks that are huge and then sparkle down in soft drapes like a weeping willow.


    • That’s the way I usually am, too Penumbra, but this year our city is putting on the show at the park across the street from my house. i don’t have to go anywhere! Enjoy your holiday. I have you in the running for the drawing. Thank you!

  8. Contest winner notification going out today to Lisa H, of the dualing fireworks! Thanks to everyone for playing, and sorry this announcement was delayed.

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