Interview with Talia Carmichael—some ideas about love, family, and romance

LS: Talia, welcome to the blog! As you know, we’ve had a few obstacles arise as we tried to get to this point, and I’m very glad I’m able at last to ask you some questions and feature your work. Thank you for your patience and for being here.

TC:Yes we indeed did have a few but it all worked out. I’m happy to be there. Glad we are able to have this interview. Thanks for having me as a guest.

Q: Your bio is an intriguing paragraph, Talia—one that will certainly engender a question or two—but it doesn’t mention where you’re from or where you live and write. Many of the authors I’ve spoken too have said that their physical surroundings, whether staying the same over time or changing often, has lent some quality or content to their writing. Are you willing to share the geography in your life? Has it made a difference in the writing either directly, in voice or tone, or in some other way?
A: I currently reside in New York. And yes it does affect my writing in that NY is indeed a melting pot of people, geography and things that fill you. I’ve been lucky enough to find people in NY who have become an extension of my already large family. We are close and spend lots of time together. This is portrayed in my books—the feel of family and friends who are family even if not by blood but by heart and soul.

Q: You said that your writing “encompasses all that falling in love or lust entails.” Wonderful pool of material, and judging by the bits I’ve read that’s an apt description. But under the romance umbrella you write in many sub-genres—you mention futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal. Do you find that addressing romance, “love and lust,” requires a different approach for these different types of stories, or is it more of a commonality? What genre do you find the easiest to write in? Which do you most enjoy?
A: No I don’t find it needs a different approach. Even a being who is from the future, in fantasy or paranormal there is the one common thread they want to find love. Love is a complex thing that no one no matter how powerful can control. Maybe it will be instant they find their mate but still the road to getting to that happily ever after will be filled with the twists and turns of love. It can also be easy by just meeting eyes and know you are meant for each other. The wonderful thing is all about the journey easy and smooth or hard and difficult. Or anything in between. Love is wonderful to experience.

Q: You also write ménage themes. Is it more difficult to tease out the happy ever after when you’ve got more than two lovers involved?
A: No it’s not. Again it comes back to love no matter how many it is about finding those you click with. Then coming together to make a life and find love to their happy ever after.

Q: The two books you’ve shared with us here, according to the blurbs, involve friends turning lovers, or something similar. Is that the basis for the Something in Common series?
A: Although one of the books published so far is about, a friends to lovers theme that isn’t what the series is about. The basis for series is exactly what the series name states—it’s all about something in common. With the books published Detour is about a detour that causes a chance meeting between strangers. Sparks is about friends to lovers. The other books I have planned in series have the men meeting for a variety of reasons. They could be strangers, adversaries, friends or any number of things but all come back to thread of something in common.

For the Something in Common series I wrote a series blurb that’s on my site that says best what the series is about.

Something in Common—Series Blurb
When you first meet a person you might say “they are so not my type” or “we have nothing in common” yet as you get to know that person you can find that your differences are what makes your relationship work. That just that one common thing makes what you have together work. This series explores couples who might seem to have nothing in common and showcase that they do. Finding that other person that is for you is an adventure with twists and turns.

Embracing that “Something in Common” is exhilarating and can lead to a lifetime of love. This is what the Something in Common series is all about.

Q: Your characters seem richly drawn, and quite individualistic. In general, are your stories generated and driven by plot or by character? It there a typical way in which new ideas come to you?
A: Thanks I do strive to make them real so you feel you know them. My books are drive by both. In my opinion there is not one without the other. Without a balance between plot or character the stories isn’t a full one. That’s just my opinion.

New ideas come to me by any numerous ways. I can see something and it will give me an idea. Or I could dream and have a new idea to pursue. I take in everything around me.

Q: Okay, I’m warning you ahead of time, Talia. This is my infamous question. Some writers enjoy answering it, some clearly don’t like having to choose. The rules: Whereas you can fudge a bit, you can’t cheat—you have to choose an overall favorite; and, these are essay questions, requiring explanation; and, this is intended to be subjective in the author’s own eyes—no fair telling what you think readers like. So, here they are. Who is the sexiest, Bernie or Thomas? Robert or Miguel? Out of all four?
A: Uh huh not answering this. That is like trying to choose between who is your favorite child or niece/nephew, sibling, parent. Not a question I can answer in all honesty. I think it is best to leave it to the readers.
(Note by LS: Talia is my first ever refusal on this question. I hope she doesn’t start a trend!)

Q: What’s coming up, Talia? Anything on the near horizon? More in the Something in Common series? Longer range plans?
A: I have books in some of my series I started last year. Also this year I will be launching 2 new series set in the same towns as some of my previous series. They will feature a new set of characters and what is happening in their lives. There maybe a cross over between series here or there. Below is what I have confirmed as contracted so far. I’m awaiting a response on a few the submissions I have out to my various publishers.
After the Fall—(The Right Choice #1) – April 9, 2012
Wicked Intentions—(Bonds of Justice #1) – June 18, 2012
Opposing Rhythms—(Impressions #3) – July 16, 2012
Long Hard Ride—(Prentiss #2) – August 6, 2012
Wicked Alliance—(Bonds of Justice #2) – September 3, 2012
Yes I do plan for there to be more Something in Common series coming. I’ve already completed book 3 and 4 is series. I’ve started book 5 because the characters wouldn’t stop talking to me. 🙂

My longer range plans are to just keep writing. There is no feeling like creating a story and putting it to paper.

LS: Thanks again for coming to the blog an letting me feature you and your work on I hope you’ll come again.
TC: Thanks so much for having me Lou. It was fun and I’d love to come back again.

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