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Another very nice review from A Bear on Books (Tom Webb)

Beautifully written in its own right. You can find it here on goodreads or head straight for his great blog A Bear on Books, and find it there.

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Sweet Review for Delsyn’s Blues!

I visited Goodreads this evening and discovered a warm-the-author’s-heart review of Delsyn’s Blues by a reader/reviewer named Lisa. The 4.25 stars are sweet, but the words she wrote left me feeling good all over. Here’s the link to Lisa’s review. (Many thanks Lisa.)

Incidentally the photo on this post is here for no reason except that I like it, and it was taken in the general area where Delsyn went into the woods, in Delsyn’s Blues, and it’s… that type of forest, likely to be spooky at night. Taken by Michael McKee, website here.

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