Lorcan’s Desire—another excerpt (the sexier one!)

“Can I get a Jack?” he asked the bartender.

At least this guy looked half-normal, dressed in faded jeans and a light T-shirt that had the bar’s logo printed on it. The pierced eyebrow and his very obviously pierced nipples were the only thing giving away that the guy had some kinks of his own.

“That’s four-fifty.” He was just loud enough to be heard over the thunderous beat of the music as he placed Quinn’s drink in front of him.

Quinn pulled out a ten and threw it on the bar in front of him, yelling, “Keep the change.”

The bartender took the money while his eyes all but undressed Quinn in obvious appreciation. “Haven’t seen you in here before. I’d have remembered. Name’s Ty.”

Quinn let his eyes do their own wandering. Ty was short and stocky, with well-defined arms. An obvious muscular chest that tapered down to a lean waist. He was handsome in that California kind of way. Blond, shoulder-length hair, deep tan, and pale, pale blue eyes that looked almost translucent. Perfect. Totally the opposite of the dark-haired beauty he needed to get out of his head. “Name’s Quinn.” He threw back his Jack and stood. “Join me on the dance floor if you got a break coming anytime soon.”

Ty would either join him or he wouldn’t. Either way was fine with him. He made his way to the center of the crowded dance floor, then closed his eyes and let the beat of the music move him. The bump and sway of unfamiliar bodies surrounded him. He let himself get lost in it. Quinn gave in to the rhythmic techno tempo as it took his body. Arms raised over his head, he let his hips lead. The sensual slide of hands, the arousing brush of hips and thighs moved around him. He let go of all the stress back on the ranch, the constant tension in his muscles, the worry, as he was pulled along in a sea of lust and heat.

Just as the music changed to a slower, mellower mood, a pair of arms wrapped around Quinn’s waist from behind, pulling him up against a hard, compact body. The man was shorter, and Quinn’s ass rested up tight against rock-hard abs.

“I have thirty minutes. Wanna get some air?”

Hell yeah, he could do with some fresh air. Deep gulps and pants of fresh air. Quinn didn’t need to ask where. The back alley was private, and he doubted it had changed much other than it was more than likely all men finding a dark corner these days. Though, looking around him, he doubted there would be many out back. There was so much open sexuality, men bending their subs over the tables, more than one on his knees in front of his master with his mouth full. He tilted his head and looked at the trio of men on the stage. I don’t even wanna know if that’s real.

He grabbed Ty’s hand without looking back or saying a word, leading him to the back door and out into the cool air of the alley. He could have just dropped his jeans inside the bar, but his kinks didn’t include having an audience. As he’d expected, it wasn’t busy. One man was pressed face-first against the wall as another, who was fully covered except the top of his ass, pounded into him. Further down the wall, a man crouched on his knees. The act he was participating in was blocked by the wide frame of a man clad in nothing but leather pants and a harness crossing his back, but Quinn didn’t need to use too much imagination to figure it out.

My thoughts exactly.

Quinn pushed Ty up against the wall, his bigger body pressing against him as his hand cupped the man’s straining erection firmly. “I want you on your knees.”
He didn’t need any sweet kisses or promises of tomorrow. He knew exactly why he was here, what he wanted, and it had nothing to do with conversation other than the occasional grunt or moan.

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