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I’m having a New Years’ Eve Day “meet the author” chat!

Saturday, 12/31, I’ll be around Goodreads for a “meet the author” chat at the Dreamspinner Press discussion board. The time is 1pm to 6pm eastern, 10am to 3 pm Pacific (but I might be there early).

I plan to share some excerpts from Delsyn’s Blues (which will be released Monday) and who knows what else, answer questions, chat about whatever comes up, and hopefully learn an interesting thing or two from you. Please stop by to chat, visit, share, just generally get better acquainted, and have some fun.

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Yesterday’s 4 author chat at LRC—Thank you!

Yesterday Tj Klune, Elizabeth Noble, Anne Barwell, and I (Lou Sylvre) “chatted” at Love Romances Cafe. Thank you to everyone who came to hang out. We had some significant technical difficulties despite the best efforts of illustrious and much-appreciated moderator Dawn Roberto, and many people were unable to comment. Happily, contest entries did get through various channels and we had winners! If you were there and couldn’t get through, we missed you. I hope you enjoyed the chat anyway, liked the excerpts and question/answer posts, and maybe learned a little something about unicorns and edamame.

If you weren’t there, You can still check it out—just go to Love Romances Cafe and jump to about message 268180. If you want to contact one of the authors about something you read there, please do—we all have our contact information in our messages. I, for one, would love to hear from you, and I’m sure my fellow authors feel the same.

(About the edamame image above, I found it at http://fuckyeahedamame.tumblr.com/. I could not find the creator’s name, nor the owner of the site, not even anything in the source code. If you own this picture and object to my use, please let me know and I will immediately credit you, or remove it. Thank you.)

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