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A goodly number of people entered the Friday Free for All giveaway last week, but sadly there could be only one winner. So here’s a chance to try again, or to try for the first time.

All you have to do is lie. What could be simpler? Fiction writers do it everyday. (Okay, if you must, you may tell the truth.) Here’s the specs: In 35 words or less

If you entered the contest on Cup-o-Porn, give me the down and dirty on why you should have been the winner.

If you didn’t enter the contest on CoP, tell me why you wanted to but didn’t.

Simple, right? As usual, you may enter with a comment here, or on my Goodreads blog(which is this contests true home) or email me at lou(dot)sylvre(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll run the contest for a week, and pick a wiinner in a completely subjective fashion.

So, lie to me, okay? Please.
Oh, and if you already have an ebook of Loving Luki Vasquez and want to lie just for fun, please do.

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