Another excerpt (it gets sexy—adult content)

Derek pulled into his driveway a few minutes later and both men got out of the jeep instantly. Brian was right on Derek’s heels as he pulled out his keys and tried to unlock his front door.

“Hurry,” Brian murmured, his hands gripping Derek’s butt.

“Come on,” Derek gasped, pleading with the door. Finally, it unlocked and they stumbled inside. Derek kicked the door close and swept Brian up in his arms. Brian wrapped his legs around Derek’s waist and his arms around Derek’s neck. Derek thanked the heavens that his house was only one floor as he stumbled to his bedroom. But the moment he entered the room, his ears were met by the sound of barking.

Brian jerked and his lips left Derek’s mouth. Derek groaned.

Brian looked over his shoulder and Derek saw the softening of those sensual green eyes and the quick grin that accompanied that look. Brian set his feet on the floor and pulled out of the circle of Derek’s arms. The dogs sniffed him curiously and he scratched their heads.

“They’re beautiful, Derek. What are their names?”

Derek figured the sooner he answered the normal pet questions, the sooner he could get into those pants and get a look at that ass.

“The mastiff is Goliath, the Lab is Betty Boop and the hound is Henry.”

Derek shrugged. “Found him in a pound about a year ago. He’d been brought there when his owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. He’d already had that name.”

Brian smiled at the dogs’ enthusiasm but Derek couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Okay, guys,” Derek ushered the dogs out. “Not tonight. No fair chewing on things,”

He shut the door. Brian chuckled.

“No little dogs.”

“There is no such thing. There is little and there are dogs.”

Brian narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you a smallist?”

Derek blinked. “A what?”

“A smallist. It’s like a racist but your bias to size.”

Derek laughed and hugged Brian to him. “Yes, I am.”

“I like little dogs. Maybe we aren’t right for each other.”

Derek knew the words were a joke by the look in Brian’s eyes.

“Come here,” Derek said before he crushed his mouth to Brian’s.

They yanked at each other’s clothes and soon were able to press their naked flesh together. Derek made himself take a step back just so he could take a fulfilling gaze of Brian’s body. He wasn’t disappointed. He was lean with firm muscles under smooth skin. A light sprinkling of golden hair covered his chest and slowly darkened as it descended until it was a dark gold around his hard shaft. At his center, Derek took pause. Brian’s shaft was long and thin and he grabbed it, unable to stop himself.

Brian gasped and gripped his arms, pressing his body once more to Derek’s.

Derek’s hand burned as it stroked Brian’s length and he wanted to devour the treat before him. At that moment he felt like the luckiest bastard in the entire world. He also, for just that moment, felt like just a man. Not a shifter, not an animal cop.

But a man.

Brian’s man.

Possessed, Derek grabbed and kneaded Brian’s butt before shoving him down on the bed. Derek pushed Brian further into the mattress with his body and kissed Brian soundly. Derek felt his own head spin as he swept his tongue everywhere inside Brian’s mouth.

He had the thought of taking it slow, however torturous that would be. He didn’t want to scare Brian or make him nervous. He wasn’t sure how long Brian had been without sex but he would do anything to put him at ease.

But when he pulled back to take a breath, Brian suddenly reversed their positions. Derek was shocked by the man’s sudden show of strength. Feeling oddly weak, Derek tried to capture Brian’s mouth again but that mouth was currently busy kissing and scraping his skin in a downward descent. Derek heard groans and realized that they were his own.

His hands tangled in Brian’s soft blonde hair as that soft mouth finally reached its goal. Brian slid his tongue up Derek’s shaft and the shifter gasped and tightened his grip. His muscles flexed under his skin as Brian slid him in and out of that wet mouth. Derek could actual feel his brain cells fizzle and short out. But he didn’t want to come yet. Not yet.
Unable to stand Brian’s warm mouth any longer, Derek gripped the man’s shoulders and hauled him up and onto the bed. His body was straining for release but he had yet to sample all the pleasure he knew Brian’s body could give him.

Derek held Brian down by holding his arms to the bed with his hands and his mouth roamed at will. He nibbled at Brian’s neck before drifting his tongue over his collarbone. Brian moaned and lifted his hips, rubbing their sensitive groins together.

Derek shivered but didn’t give in. His mouth drifted over one of Brian’s pink nipples and he dragged his tongue over it before sucking it into his mouth.

Brian was struggling against Derek’s hands and becoming more urgent.

“Jesus, Derek,” he finally managed to gasp. “I’m going to come soon,”

Derek grinned and kissed him once more before rolling him over. Brian made a sound of relief and lifted his posterior in anticipation. But before Derek could give them both release, he had to satisfy a curiosity he’d had since meeting Brian.
He gripped Brian’s butt cheeks in both hands and pried them apart. He took a deep breath and it was filled with Brian’s scent. He nearly came right there but managed to reign himself back under control after several shallow breaths. He never wanted to smell anything other than Brian’s arousal and the scent of musk that now surrounded him.

His mouth lowered and he tormented Brian for several minutes with his tongue and teeth. His tongue found its way inside Brian’s body and the man bucked underneath him, cursing.

Derek chuckled but knew neither of them would last much longer.Male symbol hearts on beach

He finally straightened and leaned over to open the drawer of a small stand beside his bed. He pulled out lube and a condom and applied them quickly. Brian gasped when the cold liquid hit his skin and Derek quickly slid on the condom.
Derek covered Brian and nuzzled his neck a moment before he gripped his hair and pulled his head back.

“Ready?” he whispered in Brian’s ear.
Brian’s eyes were bright with lust as he answered. “Fuck yes.”

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