“Finding Love Through Bigfoot” – Free M/M Fiction by Jamie Fessenden – Download Now!

Finding Love Through Bigfoot

My short story, Finding Love Through Bigfoot, is now available for free download!

This is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek story about a man named Stuart who moves to the northern New Hampshire countryside, in search of some calm and stability in his life.  But that calm is threatened when a large, manlike creature begins appearing in his yard at night.  Soon, Stuart finds himself running for his life through the forest, and only an enigmatic park ranger named Jake can help him escape from the creature and find his way home.  But Jake, he soon discovers, isn’t just a ranger — he’s also a man on a quest, ever since he was attacked by one of these creatures, years ago.

Finding Love Through Bigfoot is rated PG for language and a little humor involving nudity, but the story contains no explicit sexual content.

I hope you enjoy it!

Jamie Fessenden

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