*Marked Yours* turns up the heat (Excerpt rated mature—18+. Honor system. Thanks.)

Detail from Marked Yours cover by Paul Richmond
Easing away slowly, Todd yawned. “I’m gonna grab a shower. We won’t leave till midmorning, so get some more sleep. We can hit the café for breakfast.”

Nick rolled on his side and watched Todd amble off to the bathroom pushing the door mostly shut. The noises of Todd moving about the bathroom, starting the shower made Nick drift back to Todd in the bathhouse, his body covered with droplets of water, glistening and perfect. His mind wandered over the past week, thoughts of Todd, what he looked like, felt like, invaded his mind despite his trying to stop them.

Thoughts of how Todd watched over him protected him and cared for him mingled with the memory of Todd’s lips against his. How his hands moved over smooth water slick skin at the bathhouse. How he’d felt with Todd’s hands trailing the length of his back, stroking his cock, touching him everywhere. The kind words and gentle touches Nick was given every day. Todd had so invaded every bit of him that Nick’s life before, in the village, seemed a distant bad dream.

Nick flopped onto his stomach, trying to ease how his cock hardened, despite his willing it not to. Todd’s instructions had been clear and explicit, Nick’s physical pleasure was granted by Todd and Todd alone. He was not to touch himself. Nick refused to disobey and disappoint Todd.

Remembering the feeling of Todd’s fingers over his skin, making him moan and shiver wasn’t helping. He bit his lip to stop his rebellious hips from moving against the bed.

Hands winding around his ankles and gripping hard made him jump so much he nearly hit his head on the wall behind the bed.

“Roll over, Nick.” Todd’s voice was low, thick and gravelly making sparks of excitement shoot straight through Nick.

Pushing off one arm, Nick did as he was told. He watched as Todd’s eyes traveled over his bare chest feeling wanted and vulnerable all at once. Slowly Todd let go of his ankles and inched his hands up Nick’s legs, over his hips and to the waistband of the soft, woven pants Nick wore to bed. Todd pulled them down, along with Nick’s underwear, inch by excruciating inch. By the time his clothes were slipped over his feet and deposited on the floor Nick was panting and sweating.

Todd grasped his left arm and moved it over Nick’s head. “Keep it there.” His mouth skimmed Nick’s face, breath hot on his neck and then was gone leaving a cool spot on Nick’s skin.

Moving down Nick’s body Todd pushed Nick’s legs wide and knelt between them. His other hand grasped Nick’s right hand, and placed both their hands over Nick’s hard, aching cock making him flinch. The small noises Nick couldn’t stop creeping from his throat made Todd smile. Moving their hands together Todd stroked Nick’s hand slowly over his own cock.

The way Todd was wedged between Nick’s spread thighs made it nearly impossible for Nick to move much which only hiked Nick’s senses and ramped up his want, his need. Just as the other afternoon in the bathhouse, any bit of pleasure Nick received was totally under Todd’s control.

Stretching and arching his back, Nick pushed his head back against the pillow, pressing his eyes closed he groaned.

“Look at me, Nick.” The sound of Todd’s voice, the feel of his hand with Nick’s on Nick’s cock shot him through with electric waves of sheer want. Every inch of his body tingled and begged to be touched.

Nick opened his eyes, met Todd’s. The sight of Todd’s vibrant green eyes sparking with lust made his breath catch in his throat and his heart thunder in his chest.

Locking eyes with Nick, Todd ran one finger of his free hand through his mouth. All the while Todd’s hand guided his slowly, evenly over his cock making Nick’s breath come in shorter, more desperate pants, the muscles of his chest and abdomen flutter and twitch.

Todd pressed his fingertip to the soft flesh behind Nick’s balls making him arch off the bed only to be pushed back down at once by the hand over Nick’s cock. Working slowly he moved his finger in small circles over his skin until it moved around Nick’s entrance. Pushing against it for a few seconds Todd continued holding him to the bed. The fingers of Nick’s free hand gripped the bed sheets next to his head. He threw his head back and opened his mouth, but no sound came out, every sensation, his very breath, seemed to stick in his chest. He concentrated on his breathing, the ceiling, anything to keep from spurting.

When Todd’s finger slipped inside and moved around slowly, Nick gasped. The strangeness of it, the odd feeling of having Todd’s warm finger inside him evaporated in a jolt of pure pleasure when Todd crooked his finger and raked it over a spot. He did it again and again until Nick could barely breathe, yet words tumbled from his mouth, pleasepleaseplease…

One more swipe over that bundle of nerves and Nick thought he’d stop breathing. Then Todd’s finger was gone making Nick feel empty. Closing his and Nick’s fingers over Nick’s cock, Todd picked up the pace. His free hand worked his own pants down and he gripped himself. He refused to disappoint Todd by disobeying him, Nick wouldn’t get release until Todd offered it.

A few more twists and tugs and Todd leaned down whispering to Nick with a thick, rumbling voice, “Give it to me, Nick.”

As before Nick was powerless to control his own body, it reacted at once to Todd’s command. Hot ropes of cum spilled out of him, over his hand and onto his belly sending great waves of pleasure through him with so much force he was nearly paralyzed from it. A second later he felt Todd stiffen, heard him groan and felt how Todd’s own cum covered Nick’s belly and chest.

Leaning on one hand, Todd panted, shuddered and righted himself. Letting go of Nick he eased off the bed and stood on legs Nick saw shaking ever so slightly. “Go get a shower, Nick, you’ll sleep better.”

It took Nick a few minutes to get himself together, slowly pulling his trembling, rubbery legs together and pushing onto his elbows before he could work out how to get up and to the bathroom. He did as Todd instructed and when he was finished showering he was relaxed, loose and tired.

Sliding back into his bed, he rolled to his side so he could see Todd. Even though he was facing away from Nick, he could tell Todd was asleep. Nick’s eyes wandered to the shelves, to the carved bear then landed and stayed on the box holding his collar. He remembered waking up with Todd that first morning, feeling so safe and warm. Only on the hottest summer days did Nick ever wake up warm and comfortable as a child. His one thin blanket barely covered him let alone kept him warm in the winter, even in the milder southern climate where he grew up. He never woke up feeling safe and cared for.

In public his collar signified he was owned and dictated how he was treated, how he acted, there was no significance of affection or relationship beyond master and slave. In the privacy of his master’s home its meaning increased and became far more powerful. Wearing his collar in private didn’t simply symbolize Todd’s ownership, it brought them together as mates. Not only would Nick belong to Todd, he’d be Todd’s. Nick very much wanted to be Todd’s and in return have Todd be his.

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